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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the best mobile game to test and explore your hand and eyes coordination with each. Temple Run 2 has the interesting gameplay ever. These accessible and interesting gameplays will give you an ever-lasting fun of exciting games. The greater number of elements of temple run 2 makes sure that the player can totally immerse himself into the game and have fun at multiple aspects of the game.

In temple run 2, the player will get on the track for interactive runs using their mobile devices touchscreen to direct their temple run 2 character in any direction. The player can challenge his fingers and eyes coordination by selecting multiple maps having unique and interesting setups and in-game visual presentation. The gamers can choose from multiple characters and get into the game on endless runs. The game also allows you to compete with your friends or with the online gamers. Enjoy Temple Run 2 wherever and whenever from your mobile devices.

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Basic Temple Run 2 Information

Genre of the game:


Latest version of the game:


Developer of the game”

Imangi Studios

Mod features added:

Unlimited money

Last update:

13th November,2020. 

Gameplay of Temple Run 2

After the success of Temple Run, the developers launch Temple Run 2 for android gamers to join and enjoy the adventures in a new form and way. In this game, the gamer can select his favorite characters to run through the ultimate massive jungles, dungeons, runes, labyrinths, and other dangerous, exotic and frightening locations. Such locations obviously require loads of interesting adventures and in-game actions to present on your screens. In this game, the player will be chased by giant monkeys and many other intimidating evil monsters which requires a player run as fast as he can by avoiding all the obstacles in front of him and also be active by mind to make split-second decisions in order to overcome the in-game hurdles.

The player will have absolute access to the intuitive and easy controls of the game by which he can freely move his character in left and right direction also up and down to avoid obstacles on his way or also to swing his character. The gamer can challenge his capabilities to endure the escalating difficulties and unique setups. Play with your character by selecting from various characters, have your own look. Discover various power-ups having amazing and special boosts and effects.  

Characteristics of Temple Run 2

These are some interesting features or characteristics of the game which will excite your soul and mind. 

  1. The game provides very easy and intuitive touch controls that can be quickly understood and mastered. Such straightforward controls make the game more interesting and enjoyable as the players do not have to spend time in understanding the difficult game controls. The player just has to use the simple controls and gestures to direct his character. Slide right or left in order to avoid the obstacle, also jump or swing your character to pass through the cliffs and traps. 
  2. Temple Run 2 offers awesome multiple maps having the great, interesting, exciting and different setups for his players to play with. Every map has its own uniqueness which can not be dull by any other thing. You will face new obstacles, new environments and themes in every map. This will let you have more fun. You can be in epic forest run with Indiana Jones character passing your rune adventures. Or you can also be in the spooky Halloween set ups with werewolf characters and many other exciting environments. 
  3. The escalating levels of difficulty definitely ensures that the player must enjoy each and every map with its unique difficulties, obstacles and hardships to overcome. With every inch of difficulty, the player finds the game more interesting and exciting.
  4. The power-ups have been introduced to the game to increase the credibility of the game. These power-ups bring a lot of interchanges in the game. as the player can now use the special boosts in order to improve his character immunity and he can also slow down the instant traps. These power-ups of the Temple Run 2 can also multiply your earned bonus coins. All these facts make the game more interesting and fun filled.
  5. Besides the typical in-game adventures which are given by all games, the Temple Run 2 offers the multiple achievements on the android gamers have access to work on. These achievements allow the gamers to complete some certain challenges and milestones. Gather up your achievements and unlock the special rewards and bonuses given by the game. 
  6. There are various characters present in the game, each having their different abilities and capabilities to offer you. Select your comfort character to play with. You are allowed to choose freely from the given options.
  7. The game allows you to style your character in your own way. This is the most loved fact or feature about any game. There are multiple options of costumes and accessories to select from, for your character. Style your character by choosing the appropriate accessory and outfit for it. And enjoy running with your stylish character ever. 
  8. In Temple Run 2, there will be numerous monsters who are trying to chase you and kill you to eat and flourish their hunger. You can also customize your monsters as per your will. Enable the giant monkey, giant aliens, or other big monsters to chase up and to fill up your excitement. 
  9. As a payer of temple run 2, your goal is to collect as many coins as you can to upgrade your level and set the record. But this is only possible if you live longer, so also try to stay alive as long as possible. 
  10. The temple run 2 offers the amazing spooky and thrilling graphics of all the time. having the great visuals which adds up to the title of the game. also, the sound system of the game looks very realistic as you can even hear the breath of your character as he is running away from the monster for his life.

Download Temple Run 2

For free:

Temple Run 2 is available on play store for free. So, if you want to enjoy this interesting game go and download it from your device play store for free without any difficulty.

Mod version:

As the game offers some in-app purchases, our modified version of temple run 2 gives you unlimited money feature which allows you to get anything you want without getting annoyed. For this, just download the apk file of the game from our website and enjoy all features of the game to the fullest.